BARONSMEDIA is a veteran to the online advertising industry, offering a wide variety of
ad solutions. Barons emerged as an innovative company by building a proprietary adserving technology
offering an impressive catalog of sophisticated display and video solutions. We give our advertisers and
publishers the tools they need to make a lasting impression on discriminating audience. Our clients come
to Barons for our relevance, scale and answers. Our technology addresses advertisers needs with
cross-platform capabilities and custom analytics, our products deliver wide scale engagement and
measurable impact.

Online advertising is a vastly different world than it was 10 years ago or even 10 months ago. In
today’s cluttered landscape brands must work harder to stay relevant and top of mind among an
increasingly distracted and fragmented audience.

Jim Larkin

CEO, Barons Media



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President, CEO

Jimmy Larkin is the CEO and owner of BaronsMedia.com. In December of 2006 Jimmy cracked his piggy bank and launched Barons Media. With a lot of hard work he built a small team which currently stands over 25 employees. Today, Barons Media generates over 4 billion ad impressions a month while serving to over 1,250 direct, exclusive and owned and operated publishers on its proprietary ad-serving technology. The management of BaronsMedia includes the company’s day-to-day operations and setting the companies direction. Prior to launching BaronsMedia, Jimmy was the Director of Sales at Vendare Media for five years starting in 2001. While at Vendare he managed sales teams across the nation in both Vendare’s direct response and display divisions. Jimmy is an accomplished manager, skilled in executing integrated sales and marketing programs, and has extensive operations and product experience. He received a BS degree in Political Science from Cal State Northidge (CSUN).

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VP of Operations

Daniel serves as VP of Operations at Barons Media. He is responsible for the day to day operations of the company. With over 12 years of experience in the digital space he has served in management rolls with Mobile Messenger, Spiral Solutions and Pronet. Daniel was the 5th US employee at Mobile Messenger, helping it to grow into a company with over 300 employees worldwide. When Daniel joined Barons Media he built out the video division, increasing revenues by over 300%. As an accomplished manager in the digital space with strengths in marketing, operations and sales, Daniel continues to steer Barons Media into new markets and increased revenues.

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Director of Sales

Joe currently operates as Director of Sales at Barons Media. After having initially started as a regular member of the Sales Team 4 years ago, his business acumen and relentless work ethic quickly overshadowed his peers and eventually he was tasked to oversee them. Since then, Joe has been responsible for training and integrating members into efficient contributors to the company whether they be Lead Generation, Sales, or Account Management. He effectively connects the Sales side of things to the Operations and Technology side that allow Barons Media to smoothly provide the best possible product to its partners across both supply and demand.

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Director of Technology

Peter joined Barons as a web developer, with his 10+ years of experience in professional web developement and the immense contributions he’s made to the company, he was quickly promoted to director of technology. Peter has successfully lead a small team of developer to completely overhaul the systems at Baronsmedia, from infrastructure planning, software architecturing, code review, deployment, monitoring and providing effective solutions to day to day technical requirements in a fastpaced environment. Peter’s rich experience working directly with non-technical clients also enabled him to communicate complex technical requirements and specifications between company management and development team.

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Director of Operations

Noah got his start in advertising in 2009 working on the Suzuki and Hi-Chew accounts for a boutique agency, and on the Cisco account for Ogilvy and Mather. In May of 2012, Noah took a gamble and left the Agency world for a job at an up and coming Media Company, Barons Media. Today, he is the Director of Operations and has increased revenue over 172% since 2013. Noah is an accomplished manager, skilled in executing integrated sales and marketing programs, and has extensive operations and product experience. He received a BS degree in History with a minor in Anthropology from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).