Barons Media Acquires Monarch Ads

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Barons Media has completed its acquisition of Monarch Ads, an advertising technology company. Equipped with its own proprietary ad serving technology, it will now become part of Barons Media’s technical arsenal. Jim Larkin, CEO of Barons Media says, “This is a great acquisition for us! The technical talent we’re acquiring is unparalleled. With a solid tech stack and Monarch Ad’s large video network we are sure to see accelerated growth in Q4.”

Barons Media is an eight year old ad network which has carved a niche in the industry using proprietary technology layers to offer market intelligence, fraud prevention and granular targeting to advertisers and publishers alike. Daniel Kornblit, General Manager of Barons Media says, “With the technologies we have in place to prevent fraud and provide in-depth market intelligence to our clients, we see this acquisition as something that is sure to complement our already impressive network.”

Monarch Ad’s video network is also quite extensive, ranking 21 on Comscore’s Video Metrix with 2,709,000 unique viewers per month.

Monarch Ad’s also carries some remarkable board members, Luke Jacobellis, President of Paul Mitchell and Jeff West, CEO of One West Productions. These relationships can potentially benefit Barons Media as an advertising network. They’ll be retaining Monarch Ad’s board members and adding them to their own board.

Barons Media already boasts an enormous network with many exclusive and direct publishers. With an advanced tech stack in place along with increased talent and reach, we should see some great things from Barons Media this Q4.

Media Contact:
Jim Larkin
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