Barons Media hosts 1st Annual Digital Ad Security Summit

In an effort to continue the fight against fraud in the industry Barons Media will be launching the 1st Annual Digital Ad Security Summit. Everyone dedicated to the fight against Ad Fraud will be in attendance.

In the 8 years Barons Media has been in business, transparency in our network has been key. We believe in a safe marketplace for our advertisers and have always implemented new technologies to safe guard them.

There have always been those who falsify impressions by utilizing BOTs or those who syndicate a site across publishing networks aiming to keep the syndicated site’s referrer information intact. Of course fraudster techniques extend far beyond this.

As these methodologies grow in sophistication it becomes increasingly difficult to eliminate these threats before they become a problem. There have been occasions where fraud in the market has penetrated not only our own safety measures but also those who make up a significant portion of the market.

In these cases the industry adapts and adjusts fraud prevention techniques accordingly. Barons Media prides itself in being proactive in fraud prevention contrary to many in the market who simply react to a specific threat.

We’ve aligned ourselves with third parties such as Adsecure and TheMediaTrust who are experts in their field, strengthened our QA team with additional technical and operational staff and have dedicated time to finding new ways to safe guard our network.

While many like to play the “Blame Game” or “Pass the Buck”, Barons Media feels there’s a shared responsibility in the ad ecosystem. Both parties need to take a proactive stance against fraud in the market.

There have been countless articles outlining how fraud continues to perpetuate in today’s marketplace. It’s apparent fraud is making up a large portion of the market and advertisers adjust their budgets accordingly. Once we work together in making a safer marketplace we should see ad spend increase exponentially.