Barons Media to Host Digital Ad Security Summit

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Digital ad security has become an extreme concern, with numerous well-publicized incidents exposing alarming levels of fraud. As a result, major advertisers have seen large portions of their media buys go to waste, reducing confidence in online ad placements.

Various fraud detection companies have stepped in to mitigate this type of loss. The Digital Ad Security Summit, founded by Barons Media and co-hosted by Ad Forge, will feature their efforts and others’ in the fight against fraud in digital advertising. It will raise awareness in the space, bringing publishers and advertisers together to discuss these key issues. Ad security companies will also have the chance to exhibit innovative technologies to detect and prevent ad fraud. By bringing together the diverse constituents of online advertising, the Digital Ad Security Summit intends both to make publishers and advertisers more aware of fraudster techniques as well as better prepared to combat them.

To put these issues in context and present selected incidents, the Digital Ad Security Summit has brought on Ben Edelman to speak. Ben is Associate Professor at Harvard Business School and one of the most prominent individuals in the ad security space. chronicles his decade of fighting all manner of advertising fraud.

The Digital Ad Security Summit will also feature panel discussions with ad security companies, publishers and advertisers in the space. Current commitments include Ron Nielson, EVP of Operations for Vindico, David Sendroff, Founder & CEO of Forensiq, Timur Yarnall, SVP of Comscore as well as representatives from Are You A Human, Barons Media, Distil Networks, Double Verify, Yume and Ad Forge. Audience members will have the opportunity to submit their questions as well.

The Digital Ad Security Summit on November 21, 2014 presents an opportunity for leaders in digital ad security to present their solutions to publishers and advertisers alike. Together we can pool our resources to eject bad actors and restore trust and accountability in online advertising.

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