Barons Mobile Advertising

By The Mick @

From day one, the mission for Burbank, California based Barons Media has been to connect businesses and mobile consumers. Says CEO Jim Larkin, “Today, we at Barons Mobile stand by our mission to become one of the largest mobile-local ad system in the U.S., aggregating and managing billions of location-specific ad requests per month and over one million national and local advertisers.”

But while Barons Media ad quantity is impressive, the company thrives on quality — the true performance metric that sets them apart. In fact, Barons Media is the only mobile-ad system offering both targeted search and display. That’s because they’re about delivering mobile ads that resonate with consumers on every level possible.

By leveraging their comprehensive ad inventory, proprietary technology and quality-score algorithm, Barons Media is able to target consumers based on a variety of variables — pinpoint location, precise timing, behaviors and more — pertinent to their active mobile lifestyles. What happens next is why they’re renowned in the industry: Quality connections are formed which, in turn, creates local awareness, incites local actions and generates local sales.