Baron’s Video, A 2013 Retrospect

Barons’ Media has had nothing but growth in 2013 and the Video Department was paramount in that growth. The growth of the Video Department is due to many factors such as quality publishers, a safe network, great performance, and attentive customer service.

While our Network has grown rapidly, and continues to grow, protecting our advertisers is still a high priority for Barons. All the publishers that run in our network have to go through our Quality Assurance team to ensure quality, content, proper practices, and much more. Once a new publisher goes live, our AdOps teams review data to verify that there is no fraudulent behavior. While we work hard to ensure we have quality sites in our network, we know that we cannot do it alone. That is why we have partnered with Telemetry, a digital advertising auditing company, to be the final step to ensure that all campaigns run on legitimate traffic.

Running campaigns on clean publishers is a crucial aspect of any Network, but so is running on publishers that perform. In 2012, the Video Department served over 80 million impressions a month with an average view-through-rate (VTR) of 63% and a click-through-rate (CTR) of 1.12%. Those metrics were outstanding, since the Video Department was started in 2011, but we wanted to do better. In just one year, we increased all three categories by serving over 270 million impressions a month with an average VTR of 73% and a CTR of 1.82%. While we increased impressions, VTR, and CTR, we also dramatically expanded our network. Within just one year, Barons bought, built several sites, and added more than 30 exclusive video publishers.

With a solid foundation created in 2013, we are setting our goals high for this year by updating our player, sourcing exclusive publishers, developing content, and creating our own proprietary ad-serving technology. We plan on helping our exclusive Display publishers, or any new publisher, join the Video world by providing a video player with pre-existing and original content so they can truly optimize their video performance. Barons’ Media will become a full stop shop for our publishers, so they can increase their revenue with ease.

In order to make that possible, we will need to attempt our loftiest endeavor yet, a new video ad server. Barons’ Media already has its own proprietary ad-serving technology, called Barons’ Offers, for Display and Mobile. In the beginning of January, we launched our Video UI section within Barons’ Offers. We also plan the launch the full Vast 2.0 and VPAID compliant Video section sometime this year. This will allow us to fully control the client’s experience as well as give them the user experience they want, while still focusing on performance. At the end of 2014, Barons’ Medias Video Department will be on its way to becoming competitive with the likes of and Liverail.