BaronsMedia Announces New Client Safety Measures; Mobile Department Flourishes

LOS ANGELES, May 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — BaronsMedia has announced its latest strategy for maintaining protection for the publishing sites it works with, which includes the utilization of Ad Safe, The Media Trust and its own Google Certified pro-ad serving technology. Evolving with the ever-changing market place, BaronsMedia will use these safety precautions to protect their network environment and the websites working with them from malicious code such as malware, spyware and bots. This technology also allows for tracking bots on publishing sites.

“Online advertising is a vastly different world than it was 10 years ago or even 10 months ago. In today’s cluttered landscape brands must work harder to stay relevant and top of mind among an increasingly distracted and fragmented audience,” says Jim Larkin , the Director of Sales for BaronsMedia.

Barons hopes that measures such as these will help to maintain this safe environment by creating its own safe guards.

Larkin continues, “Our clients come to Barons for our relevance, scale and answers. Our technology addresses advertisers’ needs with cross-platform capabilities and custom analytics, our products deliver wide scale engagement and measurable impact.”

BaronsMedia is a veteran of the online advertising industry, offering a wide variety of ad solutions. They emerged as an innovative company by building their own proprietary ad-serving technology offering a catalog of sophisticated display, mobile and video solutions. Barons gives its advertisers and publishers the tools they need to make a lasting impression on discriminating audiences.

Coming off its best financial year yet, Barons’ ad revenue has surpassed the company’s expectations and the first quarter of this year has proven to be no different. This growth has allowed them to launch a mobile department that has seen dramatic growth since its inception. BaronsMedia has grown to 20 employees and hopes to add an addition 15 employees by the year’s end to best support their Video and Mobile operations. The company has also been able expand their operations with more square footage in their Los Angeles office.