Startup Barons Media sees growth thru new Publishers and Tech

LOS ANGELES, November 29, 2012 — 

All those ads you see in the right-hand column of your favorite website are contributing to the growth of a Burbank company: BaronsMedia, which offers a web-based service that helps advertisers get the most value from the money they spend on news, sports, entertainment and social networks. And over the summer, the startup located near studios such as Warner Brothers, Disney and NBC expanded it’s posh 5th floor facility and is making plans for additional new hires to help with their extraordinary growth. On any given day you’ll see Jay Leno cruising down our street in one of his sports cars or spot Reese Witherspoon settling in at Priscillas cafe across the street, says Barons Media CEO Jim Larkin.

Only this time last year the online agency was at 1 billion ad impressions per month and now website publishers aligned with juggernaut Barons are hitting 5 billion ad impressions a month and growing. Those kinds of numbers are placing Jim Larkin’s Burbank-based in very good company and a possible target for take over.

Earlier this year, BaronsMedia announced its acquisition of, a site that enables users to listen to music and offers access to a generous amount of free tracks and albums for its users. This acquisition generated a large increase traffic-flow for BaronsMedia enabling them to monetize the website and increase its library of publishers. allows users to search and share music across its social networking platform through playlists.

The reason for the growth is due to a lean startup approach fostering both more efficient working capital and leveraging human creativity more effectively. Along with BaronsMedia’s ability to garner new content through website publishers, combined with new advertising deals won through traditional agencies and finally with new synergies struck with online ad networks.

In addition to the strong growth through publishers and advertisers, BaronsMedia technology is growing with new products such as their “Container Ad Unit” and Video Pre-roll, those 15-20 second ads which run prior to viewing the actual video much like traditional television advertising.

Larkin touts the company as one of the biggest publisher-oriented ad optimization platforms, meaning that it helps advertisers get their message in front of the right audience, and dedicate more of their ad budget to ads that are delivering results.

Advertisers spend millions of dollars through Barons’ technology, Larkin says, and the company pockets a small percentage of that spend, choosing instead to reinvest in it’s people and technology.

BaronsMedia is located next to the 134 freeway at 4111 W Alameda Ave # 503, Burbank, CA Phone: (818) 303-1360